Exciting News...

I am happy to share with you all that CJ Ward Photography got a very exciting upgrade!! This last week I got the camera that I have been dying to have for a long time now, the Canon Mark 5D III .. Yay!!! I have spent the last few days playing around with it, breaking it in if you will, and my 2 toddlers have made excellent, busy subjects! I could go into a whole lot of mumbo jumbo about why this camera is the bomb.com but unless you know dslr cameras you may find it a little bit boring;-)  So, what I will say about this new "baby" of mine is that I am so excited to have "her" help in taking my business to the next level, to provide my AMAZING clients with the best quality digital images possible! It's so important to me that I have the right equipment to provide an excellent product for my clients, whether its real estate photography, your family pictures, or a wedding. I am so honored and proud to be chosen and trusted by you all to capture "YOU" in the memories you are creating at that time in your lives.  

Thank You! 

It's very important to me that the people who have supported me through this entire journey are acknowledged and thanked! I truly love this job so much and feel inspired everyday to keeping this business growing into something amazing, and so to all my clients, THANK YOU from the bottom of my full heart. To my biggest supporters, my family, Bryant your support is unmeasurable, you believe in me more than I think I believe in myself some days. You push me to do great things and you never doubt me, I love you so much and am so grateful for all you do! XO ️

2016 here I come!!!