Bryden Grayson turns ONE!!

I had Bryden this last weekend and OMG is he not the most darling lil guy!! Doing 1st birthday sessions isn't something that ever crossed my mind when I got into photography which is crazy because they are so fun!  The 1st birthday is such a monumental one, mostly for the parents and even more so if it's your first because you made it through the first year when you had no idea what you were doing, YAY, go you!!!!! I realized who the over the top 1st birthday party was really for with my first kid, MOM & DAD! lol, it's OK you deserve it too ;-)  

SMASH CAKE!!! As parents we are all hoping for that amazing smash cake picture, the dive in and bathe in it photo.  However with a room full of people, or even a giant camera in your face it's just tough to perform sometimes.  Bryden thought for sure he was doing something wrong, gave it a few tastes, and then was DONE! But not before giving me the cutest pics of course!   

Thank you so much Kyle & Ashley for choosing me to photograph your lil cutie! I hope to be able to do more in the future