Adventures in Rhode Island..

I traveled to Rhode Island last week to visit my best friend and check out the east coast!  Travis's school took them all the way across the country and its a good thing we all adore this man because Rhode Island is not a weekend road trip!  This was a venture their family had been planning for years and unfortunately the timing could not have been worse, Lindsay's father became very ill as they were getting ready to move and passed away shortly after.  I can't imaging being so far away from friends and family when you need them the very most. It's been a tough year for this family and they have so many people in their corner sending love and prays from the west cost everyday.  Keep your heads up guys, I have no doubt that your love for each other will get you through this. 

Lindsay has often talked about how beautiful it is there and how big the trees are, she wasn't kidding!  She took me to a park that is a photographers dream and if we didn't have a 5 year old and a 1 year old I would have shot ALL DAY, not kidding!  Thank you so much Travis & Lindsay for gathering your troops and appeasing your friend. XO