Jeb + Dani

Bond Wedding || Bear Creek Lodge, McCall, Idaho || July 21st, 2018

I headed to Bear Creek Lodge in McCall Idaho for this gorgeous wedding, the weather was perfect and I could not wait to get to work. McCall/ Donnelly area is one, if not my favorite place to be and when the opportunity to photograph there comes up, I do not hesitate! Jeb & Dani had been anticipating this day for years and you could tell they both could not wait to walk down the isle and say “I Do”, and you could feel it in the air. The ceremony was perfect and listening to them read their own vows, left my heart full and happy for them and the future ahead.

The reception was a part-tay for sure and a very crowded dance floor, and from what I heard the party just got better after I left!

Cheers to Jeb & Dani and their love!



"Here's to Love and Laughter and Happily Ever After"

Roberts Family || Salt Lake City, Utah || June 7th, 2017

I traveled down to visit one of my besties in #Utah a few weeks ago and I insisted that we squeeze in a family photo session! Fortunately it didn't take much convincing and the location Sophie picked was beautiful, you would never know there were about a million bugs, yes a million I am not exaggerating, and smelt awful!! Lol, the things we will endure for beautiful photographs. Thank you Roberts family for all the fun and hospitality!!   XO 

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" Find your tribe, love them hard"

Sword Family || Lifestyle Session || June 3, 2017

I have to say that I loved getting to do a lifestyle family session with the Sword family at #fortsword!! Scott and Kristin are some amazing people I have gotten to know through mutual friends the last couple years and every time we have shared a drink, it's been a good.. no great time!!! ;-) 

Lifestyle sessions are so much fun because it gives us photographers the opportunity to photograph a family in their element, being who they are! They tend to be so much more relaxed, and with toddlers us moms need to take every opportunity to eliminate unneeded stress, am I right mamas!?  I hear all the time how " we need family pictures so bad but I just don't know how well my kids will do." If this is you try a lifestyle session out, they are seriously so fun!! #lifestylephotographer #familyphotographer #boisephotographer #idahophotographer #kidsphotographer #portraitphotographer #cjwardphotographer

I am so obsessed with this little corner!!!  

I am so obsessed with this little corner!!!  

I loved how Snapple just found her way into most of the pictures, made my heart so happy! #puppylove 

I loved how Snapple just found her way into most of the pictures, made my heart so happy! #puppylove 

"A girl should be two things: WHO and WHAT she wants."- Coco Chanel....... Lottie, I think you're on the right track girl!

"A girl should be two things: WHO and WHAT she wants."- Coco Chanel....... Lottie, I think you're on the right track girl!

Preparing For Your Family Session

Preparing your family for family pictures can be so stressful so today I wanted blog about some helpful tips to make the whole experience as stress free as possible and hopefully more fun!

1) What to wear

My suggestion to clients is to pick out clothes that are comfortable and attractive, if you are uncomfortable it will show on your face. When I pick out outfits for my family pictures I will usually pick an outfit that I love for one family member and coordinate around that outfit,  but I'm careful not to be too "matchy matchy".  Bright colors photograph great so try not to be afraid of color, if you prefer more neutral colors that okay too, maybe bring a few accessories like scares, hats, gloves, bows, statement jewelry , or a fun blanket  to throw in for a few pictures.  It's also important to keep in mind where you plan to hang these pictures in your home, if you plan on a big 16x20 canvas to hang above your couch then pick out outfits that won't clash with your home decor.  These pictures on your wall are like a piece of art work and you wouldn't buy a painting or picture that didn't go with the flow of your current decor would you? 

2) Time

I generally shoot 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours prior to sunset so I can capture the yummy lighting that makes your photos glow, so it's SO important that you are on time!!  I know as moms it's so hard and stressful to get yourself plus the whole family ready so I recommend planning ahead as much as possible, even if you're not a "planner" try to be on this day!  Doing this will most likely relieve a lot of stress for you and your family.

3) Hair & Makeup

Moms try to have your hair or makeup done professionally, both if possible.  I know that can be a bit spendy but it's one less thing to worry about so if you are able to do that I highly recommend it.  If  you need a recommendation Tyree @ Iris Dior Hair & Makeup is amazing! ( Besides, we always feel so good and relaxed after we are pampered and that's the feeling we want to show through in these photos.

4) Little Kids

If you have young kids be sure to feed them prior to your session and bring snacks you know they like.  Trying to get a "hangry" kid to smile is pretty close to impossible!  Although I will say those make pretty good candid photos. ;-)

5) Ideas

Do you have ideas on what you what?  Location, poses, theme? PLEASE feel free to share them with me.  These are YOUR pictures after all and I want them to be exactly what you envision.  If you don't really have a vision, that's okay too! I am always happy to pick/ suggest locations and will always be here to help with outfit coordination if you need me.  The more we communicate before a session the better I get to know you and that will always help with the shoot.  

6) Extra outfits

Please feel free to bring extra outfits if you think you might want a few different looks.

7) Props

Props are always a good way to personalize your session, so feel free to bring anything that you fancy, an old vintage suitcase, something funky or bright!  I had some clients bring a vintage cruiser bike that he had rebuilt and we had a blast with that thing!! Props add personality to a shoot and ALWAYS make it so fun!

8) Have Fun, be Yourself!!

Lastly, just try to have fun and be yourselves!  I want to capture YOUR FAMILY, if you are a little crazy, let it show, if your goofy, be it!  I know we want the perfect photo of everyone looking and smiling and I will do my best to give you some of those but we all know that kids will be kids and if we try to contain their energy too long they will combust!!  Let them run and be a little crazy and we are more likely to get the "good" looking and smiling shot.

I had family pictures done when my son was 2 and my daughter was 1 and they were 100% the most uncooperative kids ever!! lol.. I had a wonderful photographer but I was kidding myself if I thought they were going to hold still.  However, I ended up with adorable pictures of them being busy & silly, which is exactly what they are!!!  She got them as they were at that moment in their lives and isn't that what we are wanting?  I consider myself a Lifestyle photographer , I want to capture the personality of you and your family!



Exciting News...

I am happy to share with you all that CJ Ward Photography got a very exciting upgrade!! This last week I got the camera that I have been dying to have for a long time now, the Canon Mark 5D III .. Yay!!! I have spent the last few days playing around with it, breaking it in if you will, and my 2 toddlers have made excellent, busy subjects! I could go into a whole lot of mumbo jumbo about why this camera is the but unless you know dslr cameras you may find it a little bit boring;-)  So, what I will say about this new "baby" of mine is that I am so excited to have "her" help in taking my business to the next level, to provide my AMAZING clients with the best quality digital images possible! It's so important to me that I have the right equipment to provide an excellent product for my clients, whether its real estate photography, your family pictures, or a wedding. I am so honored and proud to be chosen and trusted by you all to capture "YOU" in the memories you are creating at that time in your lives.  

Thank You! 

It's very important to me that the people who have supported me through this entire journey are acknowledged and thanked! I truly love this job so much and feel inspired everyday to keeping this business growing into something amazing, and so to all my clients, THANK YOU from the bottom of my full heart. To my biggest supporters, my family, Bryant your support is unmeasurable, you believe in me more than I think I believe in myself some days. You push me to do great things and you never doubt me, I love you so much and am so grateful for all you do! XO ️

2016 here I come!!!  

Bryden Grayson turns ONE!!

I had Bryden this last weekend and OMG is he not the most darling lil guy!! Doing 1st birthday sessions isn't something that ever crossed my mind when I got into photography which is crazy because they are so fun!  The 1st birthday is such a monumental one, mostly for the parents and even more so if it's your first because you made it through the first year when you had no idea what you were doing, YAY, go you!!!!! I realized who the over the top 1st birthday party was really for with my first kid, MOM & DAD! lol, it's OK you deserve it too ;-)  

SMASH CAKE!!! As parents we are all hoping for that amazing smash cake picture, the dive in and bathe in it photo.  However with a room full of people, or even a giant camera in your face it's just tough to perform sometimes.  Bryden thought for sure he was doing something wrong, gave it a few tastes, and then was DONE! But not before giving me the cutest pics of course!   

Thank you so much Kyle & Ashley for choosing me to photograph your lil cutie! I hope to be able to do more in the future



~Lifestyle Shoot with the Sells/ Hackett Family~

I love the opportunity to shoot with clients in their homes, especially when is freezing outside!  The Sells/ Hackett glad are such a funny, kind & beautiful family, I had an absolute blast with them.  Extended family shoots can be so hard and even more so when some live out of town,  lives become so crazy once the kids grow up and start families of their own that whole family pictures become almost impossible!  However, the holidays do a great job of bringing us all together and that is one of the reasons why I love them so much!! #Family #Lifestylephotographer #Boise #Idaho #CJWardPhotography

Thometz Family -Fall 2015-

I just loved this session with these two! As couples we often don't have pictures taken of just "us" after our wedding day, more often than not it doesn't happen until we start having kids.  I am very guilty of this, so no judgement,lol, but I do believe it is just as important to celebrate "just us" as it is our little humans ;-) 

Boise Family Photography Fall 2015 CJ Ward Photograhy

Adventures in Rhode Island..

I traveled to Rhode Island last week to visit my best friend and check out the east coast!  Travis's school took them all the way across the country and its a good thing we all adore this man because Rhode Island is not a weekend road trip!  This was a venture their family had been planning for years and unfortunately the timing could not have been worse, Lindsay's father became very ill as they were getting ready to move and passed away shortly after.  I can't imaging being so far away from friends and family when you need them the very most. It's been a tough year for this family and they have so many people in their corner sending love and prays from the west cost everyday.  Keep your heads up guys, I have no doubt that your love for each other will get you through this. 

Lindsay has often talked about how beautiful it is there and how big the trees are, she wasn't kidding!  She took me to a park that is a photographers dream and if we didn't have a 5 year old and a 1 year old I would have shot ALL DAY, not kidding!  Thank you so much Travis & Lindsay for gathering your troops and appeasing your friend. XO