hello and welcome to my website! What brought me to this wonderful career of photography is a love for surrounding myself with photographs of the ones I love most in my life.  A beautiful woman I call grandma passed this love down to me and this passion has grown into something beyond my dreams.  Being behind my Canon is my favorite place to be, well, behind my husband Bryant and our sweet baby face kiddos of course.  I do not specialize in any one thing, I photograph anything from baby, family, wedding to real estate! Creativity has no boundaries!  

I reside in Boise Idaho close to the foot hills, which we absolutely love. I can't start my day without coffee, I could live off chips and salsa, and if I'm not photographing/ editing I'm deep into a DIY project.  

Please contact me at info@cjward-photography.com to book your session, I'd love to chat with ya!

"when life gets blurry, adjust your focus"